AMOBI Methodology

At VIP Apps Consulting we appreciate the need to maximise your current investment in your business systems. Using our AMOBI methodology, we can help you find innovative ways to improve and optimise your existing systems and processes in order to realise additional value from your investment.

Maximise your Return on Investment (ROI)

  1. How hard are your Business Systems working for you?
  2. Are your people and business processes in harmony with your IT solutions?

We work with major companies in the Finance and Manufacturing/Service industries, providing innovative strategies, Oracle solutions and holistic process optimisation using our AMOBI methodology.

Focusing on the ‘holistic’ business, our AMOBI Assess phase helps to target the key high pain points that are restricting the value of your Oracle investment, whether that be inefficient workflows or process steps, lack of utilisation of licensed modules, system performance or off-system workarounds.

Using event based flow mapping, and benchmarking any changes against real business transactions and behaviours, we can help you optimise the way your business engages with your technology, increasing productivity and enabling you to meet your key internal or customer KPIs.

Why Choose Us?

We'll improve your Value chain, adding Innovation to simplify your business Process
Experts in ORACLE Based Solutions
Experts in the Leasing and Financial Services Industry
Proven delivery track record of successful Business Transformation and Technology Solutions