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Key Oracle Cloud & Security Trends for 2016 & Beyond

Last year was a significant one in defining the future ways in which Oracle applications support the business operations and processes of organisations.

In 2015, Oracle has been at the forefront of innovation as it continues to evolve its solution base to meet the opportunities and challenges that the technological advances and business operation changes head on.

The Key Oracle Cloud & Security Trends For 2016 & Beyond will be centred on the innovation that the company is implementing around its Cloud based offering. The announcements and changes revealed in 2015 will affect organisations across the world for the next decade and beyond.

The Transition To The Cloud

It is forecast that by 2025, 95% of IT spending will have shifted from on premises to the cloud.

This is already having a seismic impact on the service offerings and competitive landscape of the Enterprise Resource Planning, IT infrastructure, and application industries. This is likely to continue into 2016, as more businesses transition existing on site infrastructures to the cloud.

In the long term, traditional providers are at risk of becoming obsolete if they do not adapt to and become involved in the transition to the cloud.

Focus On Security

2015 was a year where IT security was repeatedly highlighted by high profile threats and security breaches. Oracle has identified the importance of security to its users and made its focus to be a market leader in this area.

“The biggest concern we have as an industry and for our consumers is security” – Larry Ellison

This is something that Oracle are looking to address in their security as they move to the cloud.

  • Security should be as close to the “bottom of the stack” as possible
  • Security features of the system should always be enabled by default
  • Oracle is moving its security features out of the software and into its silicon

This is inbuilt into the new Oracle M7 Microprocessor (which is a market leader), a feature designed to be always switched on.

As an Oracle partner we continue to monitor and implement the best solutions for our clients based on the changes in the product and the overall marketplace.  We will continue to support our clients to get the most out of their Oracle applications in 2016.

To find out more on how we can support your organisation to implement or migrate all or part of your existing Oracle Applications portfolio to the Cloud, visit our Cloud Services page…

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