Enterprise Architecture Services

We develop Enterprise Architecture Services driven by Business Requirements and Client Engagement. These two areas create a shared vision between business and technology functions. We encourage innovation within a team, promote change and drive flexibility leading to improved business results, business process efficiency and optimised technology spend

The pace of innovation and emerging technologies are driving changes throughout the leasing and financial services industry at an unprecedented rate.  Established organisations struggle with the right way to evolve digitally, or how to respond to customer’s demands of digital experience to operate anywhere. New market entrants leverage on technology innovation and data to provide digital-only offerings that are focused on changing consumer needs. As a result, going digital extends beyond digitalising transactions as part of some surface level technology refresh. In the end, the digital experience is subject to the ability of an organisation to change, modernise and upgrade their legacy core systems and the integration of a patchwork of systems. Becoming digital requires a complete transformation of the organisation’s business and technology landscape.

Enterprise Architecture Consultancy Services

For organisations to be ready to support a business transformation, IT leaders must develop a strategy, foster change and design a clear plan to assess and develop the requirements they need to meet for the transformation to be successful. We work with the latest training and innovations in business processes, organisational structure, information systems and technologies.

Based on years of experience in the leasing and financial services industries our Business and Technology Architects help organisations develop comprehensive Enterprise Architecture solutions that align business strategy, business requirements and technology solutions to transform the organisation and deliver business goals.

Our business and technology consultants utilise OpenGroup and TOGAF frameworks in developing Enterprise Architecture solutions that support and align a shared vision across the organisation.

VIP Apps Consulting Enterprise Architecture holistic services captures the current and future state of the organisation managing technology complexity and setting a course for the development of the companies’ IT landscape aligned to, mitigating interdependencies, focused on speed and customer value:

Why VIP Apps Consulting

Our holistic industry-specific Enterprise Architecture Services, go beyond managing IT assets and provide:

  • Business and technology strategy expertise that supports business outcomes, accelerates innovation and minimise risk.
  • Proprietary methodologies and industry-specific tools and accelerators that fast-track the delivery of new capabilities and change: AMOBI methodology and DELIVER framework.
  • International experience and proven delivery track record managing successful Business Transformation and Technology Programs.
  • We have developed an alliances program of a comprehensive ecosystem of leading technology companies, bringing together a mix of capabilities, technology and industry expertise to develop unique and innovative solutions addressing the most complex challenges, maximising impact and results

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