Document AI Consulting Services

Unlock Document AI for Asset Finance, Lending and Leasing

Stop delaying workflow automation. Our Document AI Consulting Services unlock quick wins for manual lending and leasing workflows. Manual Originations workflows can be slow and tedious and take up unnecessary time from your team and your customers.

Modern Originations Workflows

Our Document AI Consulting Services unlock immediate improvements for Originations Workflows with the power of AI.  We combine our expert knowledge of Asset Finance with deep knowledge of innovative AI technology. Our tailored solutions are specifically designed to streamline your operations, reduce operational costs, and elevate the overall customer experience, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

By reallocating resources from routine data entry to higher-value activities such as client relationship management and portfolio analysis, we empower your staff and enhance business growth potential.

Human-in-the-Loop (HITL)

A core principle of our Document AI services is the integration of Human-in-the-Loop (HITL). This approach ensures that our solutions, by design, include human oversight and intervention for critical decisions. It’s not just about automating processes—it’s about enhancing them with a human touch to foster trust and maximise the effectiveness of AI implementations. This balanced approach helps safeguard against errors and maintains the human element crucial in customer relations and complex decision-making.

Our set of services are designed with for Asset Finance, Lending and Leasing business to accelerate the benefits of automated document processing.

Strategic Planning

Our team of Asset Finance experts will work with you to review your existing technology and business processes to identify automation opportunities and design an aspirational AI strategy, business case and solution roadmap.  We prioritise cost saving, automation accuracy and processing speed and measure provide KPIs to measure success every step of the way.  Our recommendations will be based on our extensive experience in Asset Finance with the most appropriate technology platforms and tools.


Our technical team of architects and engineers will implement and integrate custom automation solutions to streamline your Asset Finance operations.  We start small with a pilot to prove the business case then scale rapidly for maximum value. This includes everything from data preparation to model training. We prioritise our agile approach, so you see an incremental value gain week-on-week, and promote transparency which allows us to reach our joint goals with predictability.

Continuous Support

Integrating AI will transform your document workflows and our support team will ensure there is a smooth transition to the new operating model.  We’ll keep a continuous eye on important performance metrics and and fix issues before they impact your business.  This will ensure you benefit from sustained improvements.

AMOBI Methodology

Our AMOBI methodology is at the heart of our service delivery, ensuring your transition to Document AI is smooth, strategic, and systematically aligned with your business goals:

  • Assess: We begin with a thorough assessment of your current processes and business objectives to identify critical areas for AI enhancement.
  • Map: Following the assessment, we design a customised solution that fits perfectly within your existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
  • Optimise: Our solutions are not static; we continuously refine the AI models to adapt to evolving business needs and maintain peak efficiency.
  • Benchmark: We measure the impact of implemented solutions against key performance indicators, providing clear insights into the return on investment and helping to drive continuous improvement.
  • Implement: Our comprehensive support includes data preparation, model training, and system integration, all handled by our expert team to ensure successful adoption and operational transformation.

Impact and ROI

With Document AI, experience transformative impacts:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Drastically cut processing times and improve operational accuracy.
  • Reduced Costs: Leverage automation to lower operational expenses substantially.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Faster and more accurate services lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our data-driven approach ensures you can measure and appreciate the tangible benefits of Document AI.

Why Choose Us?

Our Document AI Consulting Services are distinguished by:

  • Proprietary AMOBI Methodology: Our unique, step-by-step approach ensures flawless integration of AI into your business processes.
  • Decades of Experience: We bring a deep understanding of the asset finance sector to deliver solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business needs.
  • Technology-Independent Solutions: Our flexible approach allows us to enhance any existing system you operate, maximising your technology investments.
  • Human Verification Built In: From the outset, we incorporate human verification to maintain data integrity and security.
  • Commitment to Ethical AI: We ensure all our AI solutions adhere to the highest standards of ethics and compliance, reflecting your CSR objectives.

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