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Leading providers of Management Consulting, Business Process Automation and Technology Consulting Services for the Leasing and Financial Services industry.

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VIP Apps Consulting value proposition is the combination of all of our services within the financial sector

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Continuous improvement and increasing value inside an organisation and to its customers is often overlooked. Maximising value is at the forefront of all of VIP's consulting services and solutions.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do! Our teams combine market insights, best practice solutions and deep experience of technology to increase value inside and out of an organisation.


Our unique AMOBI methodology is a structured process to continuously assess and optimise business strategy, team, processes and systems.

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Client testimonials and our alliance ecosystem members including technology platform alliances and industry memberships that help our clients obtain maximum value and together, continuously deliver innovation!

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Behind the Scenes: Crafting Superior Digital User Experiences (UX) From Within

In today’s business landscape, the shift towards customer-centric strategies is clearly evident in the success stories of companies that prioritise excellent Customer Experiences (CX). The benefits, including higher revenues, lower costs, and increased loyalty, have become undeniable. However, as organisations focus on refining direct interactions with external clients, a critical aspect often overlooked is the … Continued

Workflow Integration: Bridging the Gaps in Modern Organisations

Teams within organisations today are grappling with an overwhelming number of tools and systems, making it increasingly difficult to connect people, technology, and processes across the entire organisation. Recent reports, including Salesforce and MuleSoft’s 2023 Connectivity Benchmark Report, shed light on IT operations teams’ ongoing challenges in managing application delivery and interoperability. The findings indicate … Continued

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