Tag: circular economy

Tag: circular economy

Leasing & Asset Finance: Relevance in Circular Growth Business Models

Leasing & Asset Finance may not be real definers of Circular supply-chain and manufacturing innovation for a Circular economy. However, our industry has a key...

Leasing & Asset Finance: An Industry Need to Embrace the Circular Economy

Up until now, Leasing & Asset Finance for businesses has predominantly been about the tax and cashflow advantages it offers; and these benefits are not...

Leasing Beyond Assets: Financing the Customer Needs for Circular Advantages

Sustainability has become a fundamental aspect of every business strategy across industries, and this has ignited growing interest in the leasing industry for the circular...

The Circular Economy Opportunity – A Leasing Society

Globalisation and concerns about the efficiency of a traditional linear economy have led to the development of an alternative approach to resources. With efficiency, a...

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