Automation Solutions

Are your processes and systems causing bottlenecks for your external and internal customers? Automation solutions can help streamline process steps, reduce response times and free people to focus their time more effectively.

What Are Automation Solutions?

From simple document scanning through to fully autonomous artificially intelligent ‘bots’, advances in computing power and sophistication have enabled a wide variety of digital automation capabilities for businesses to leverage. Designed to streamline manual processes and repeated activities across multiple systems, they offer the potential to reduce human error and accelerate customer wait times. The most sophisticated can not only provide more efficient customer interactions but can also use artificial intelligence to make decisions that traditionally required human input.

Many of these solutions are integrated with major technology platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, or can be used to automate processes in existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems like Oracle.

Why Use Automation Solutions?

Automation is ideal for repetitive low-skill processes or customer interactions, such as capturing invoice or purchase order data into a system or raising service cases from external customer or supplier inputs

At VIP Apps Consulting, we recognise that the aim of these solutions is to both increase efficiency and free up your human capital to focus on the areas of your business that can better use their skills. Whether it be allowing more time for more personal customer interactions in areas where it matters, or enabling your workforce to focus on sales rather than data entry, automation can help people be more productive and customer focused.

How Can VIP Apps Consulting Help You?

Working alongside your team and using our proprietary AMOBI and DELIVER methodologies, along with our technology and industry expertise, we take a complete view of your people, processes, and platforms. Rather than looking at automation as an end goal, we can help you decide not only where automation would be successful, but why automation is the best solution for your business and your people.

AMOBI Methodology

Taking a holistic approach to your processes, people and systems, our AMOBI methodology can help focus your automation strategy and execution to the areas which provide most value.

Core Applications

Automation of the core applications you use to manage your business may seem like an obvious step. Our expertise can help optimise your existing processes.

Process Automation

We can help you identify the right combination of process and automation solutions to maximise value and deliver efficiency in accelerated timescales.

Technology Consulting

An efficient and well-planned IT strategy not only unlocks business advantages but can also lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency. We can work with you to build a business case for digital innovation and transformation.

Management Consulting

We understand how to plan, prepare and execute digital transformation projects in a manner that contains and mitigates risk, minimises or eliminates downtime and ensures minimal business interruption throughout the project lifecycle. We can work with you to provide support with strategic and tactical management for introducing automation,

Business Process Management

Before investing in automation technology solutions, evaluation of your existing processes can optimise and increase the value in your existing solutions and build a strong platform for future digital transformation.

Enterprise Architecture Services

Looking for assistance with how your applications and automation solutions can fit into a comprehensive digital transformation strategy? Our expertise can help you develop technology capabilities that work for your business.


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