Process Automation

Evolving digital technologies present important opportunities for organisations to continue its drive toward efficient business process performance and innovation. Optimising business processes is the first step in the digital transformation journey. Business process management (BPM) offers a way of engaging people and processes to reinvent work to drive better the desired business outcomes and deliver the desired level of agility to business operations.

When organisations add automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), they can create a virtual workforce automating highly repetitive tasks, based on defined processes and decision making. To get the most of this technology, organisations need a holistic understanding of both their business processes and how they could be reimagined under evolving lenses and the associated benefits of these technologies, creating potential for end-to-end process transformation irrespective of legacy system environments.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?  

RPA is a software bot, that interacts with the systems in place to automate highly repetitive and routine tasks improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. With RPA solutions companies can increase productivity by automating tasks and reduce errors of time-consuming manual processes. These solutions allow teams to focus on more strategic work, improves data collection, compliance, customer satisfaction and business results.  

What is Intelligent Automation (IA)? 

RPA can be used for manual, repetitive, rule-based work that requires no human judgement, while Intelligent Automation (IA) enables systems to mimic that judgement. By combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation it can execute entire business processes with context, automatically and continuously, learning along the way, rather than perform as a series of discrete tasks. It can analyse complex unstructured data by studying past trends that will help the system to continuously learn and automate processes performed by humans. 

What is Process Mining? 

A common gap when analysing current business processes is not considering the connection with the organisation’s existing enterprise information systems. Process mining focuses on gathering enterprise data, referred to as event logs, from the IT systems ecosystem to build analytics. Based on these event logs, process mining software extracts existing data about what happened in a process and when, aiding process defect analysis and causes. Then, in turn software algorithms can translate the data into comprehensive language and turn logs into a visual workflow, facilitating the analysis and continuous improvement of the actual end-to-end process. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders can find that process mining bring additional value when assessing operations and performance. 

Why VIP Apps Consulting?

Increase your business process optimisation possibilities and your return on technology investment with our holistic business process first approach to automation. Our approach centred on our proprietary AMOBI methodology and consulting services span from the strategy through to the implementation, reimagining processes in an iterative method. 

Advisory and Implementation Services 

We help your organisation develop an automation strategy where we reimagine processes beyond automating existing ones. We identify processes with high automation return value and focusing on increasing employee capabilities. Our AMOBI methodology allows us to assess, measure and optimise processes and use a structured approach to calculating ROI. Our Process Automation advisory offerings include: 

  • Overall digital transformation strategy and roadmaps
  • Business process mapping and optimisation – leveraging our AMOBI methodology 
  • Automation strategy and technology assessment
  • Industry-specific solutions

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