Leasing and Financial Services

The VIP Apps Consulting team bring the industry expertise that is essential for projects in the world of Leasing and Financial Services

Leasing and Financial Services Industry Overview

Leasing and financial companies operate in increasingly complex landscapes. High growth competitive environments with pressure on costs control and growth results, and customers speedily changing they way to access to their services. In such an agile and ever-changing regulatory scenario, companies struggle to increase market penetration, focusing on managing risk and improving customer satisfaction, leading financial and leasing players to reconsider and rethink the way they fight for the market share.

As IT costs become more predictable and the benefits of adopting emerging technologies are realised more rapidly, organisations are embracing emerging technologies within their finance functions to enable new capabilities and support the changes in their business operations, administrative and support roles and activities. Examining and evaluating their current business processes and IT systems has become more relevant than ever to achieve these goals.

Our Experience in the Leasing and Financial Services Industry

The VIP Apps Consulting team bring the industry expertise that is essential for projects in the world of Leasing and Financial Services.

Unique in our evolution, we are an even mix of IT consulting backgrounds with focus on financial software and leasing solutions and experienced lease accountants from manager and controller level positions, operations leaders, business analysts and successful project managers from within the Captive and Vendor leasing space.

We have an understanding of the regulatory constraints, differing accounting standards across countries, cultural differences, client expectations and the challenges for CIO’S and CFO’s to make the right decisions for their business .

At VIP Apps Consulting, we accompany our clients from the definition of the strategy to the implementation of the solution. Using our unique AMOBI methodology, utilising the best SIX Sigma, Lean and Customer Journey Mapping concepts, we find innovative ‘holistic’ solutions to:

  • innovate and implement best practice processes and systems to maximise the value chain
  • identify and achieve tangible improvements towards Operational Excellence and IT simplification business objectives
  • optimise your back office and embrace disruptive technologies

AMOBI methodology is a unique blend of advanced tools and techniques. Combined with our real business expertise in strategy formulation and organisational transformation, we help our clients to improve performance and optimise risk exposure.

Our management consulting services analyses the current portfolio of application management, infrastructure services, data architecture and IT systems and identify those areas of optimisation required to respond to market changes, leading to business and digital transformation. programs tailored to the industry intrinsic characteristics and requirements.

Our holistic approach is central to the achievement of the business plans, enabling complete transformation programs, enhancing processes and optimising current IT investment. Introducing those innovations that will lead to achieving greater efficiency, simpler and faster processes, improving the customer experience, and enhancing agile analytic capabilities to improve risk management and optimising operational costs with significant competitive advantage.

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