Core Applications

Are your core applications limiting your pace of innovation and how you address new business challenges?

To be competitive in a digital-first economy and harness new business opportunities, organisations require flexibility and agility from their application portfolios. Businesses that fail to take advantage of technological innovation often struggle to maintain their competitiveness.  

How Can VIP Apps Consulting Help You?

We combine our expertise in leading technology ecosystems (Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce) with our unique DELIVER and AMOBI methodologies and industry capabilities to modernise and optimise your technology investment, driving business transformation.

Core Applications Modernisation
Applications Modernisation

Applications are the key to your business performance and becoming a digital organisation. Often legacy systems are unable to deliver the demands of the market in a digital age, and can be difficult to change and to realign to the new strategy. To continue operating at the pace of market changes, IT and business leaders need to plan the modernisation of their applications portfolios strategically. The benefits of modernising your legacy systems are clear:

  • Efficiency
  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Gain insights from your data
  • Solve security concerns

Our experts take a holistic approach to the modernisation of your business applications. Our strategic approach to application modernisation goes beyond a mere update to your legacy systems, looking into your technology, system architecture, organisation structure, and your business processes in place.


Technology Consulting

Unlike siloed services that other firms provide, our technology consulting services integrate a combination of accelerators, proprietary methodologies, and access to strategic alliances and platform ecosystems to modernise core business applications. Our services offer reduced dependency on legacy systems through simplification, and shifts IT spend from maintenance to innovation and business agility, creating an adaptive enterprise. We help organisations create an applications landscape in the context of business function and business priorities, resulting an organisation that’s ready for whatever the new normal brings.


System Assessment

The first step in your modernisation journey is running a system assessment to understand your applications environment and develop the business case. Our system assessment provides the organisation with valuable insight, reducing risks and costs by highlighting potential challenges and identifying areas of improvements.

AMOBI Methodology

AMOBI Methodology

Our AMOBI methodology is the perfect companion in your journey to modernising your applications. The AMOBI way provides a unique collaborative approach between the business organisation, the systems that support it and the project organisation. AMOBI helps organisations find innovative ways to improve and optimise your existing systems and processes, and realise additional value from your investment.


Automation Solutions

Are your processes and systems causing bottlenecks for your external and internal customers? Automation solutions can help streamline process steps, reduce response times and free people up to focus their time more effectively. Designed to streamline manual processes and repeated activities across multiple systems, they offer the potential to reduce human error and accelerate customer wait times. The most sophisticated can not only provide more efficient customer interactions but can also use artificial intelligence to make decisions that traditionally required human input.

Enterprise Architecture Services

Enterprise Architecture Services

Organisational growth can often lead to a tangled web of old and new applications. Our Enterprise Architecture Services help your organisation harmonise, consolidate and simplify your current and future application landscape. Define a roadmap to help increase interoperability, extend application lifecycles, gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

Data migration

Data Migration

Data is increasingly important as organisations automate more business processes to become a digital-first organisation. Our experts work with your organisation to develop a data migration strategy that can accelerate your digital journey and deliver business transformation based on industry experience. Our business process first approach to data migration helps identify which business processes you will need to optimise and align with the new application’s functionality. We evaluate your existing data and measure its quality, determine whether your data meets the new application requirements, and make the necessary adjustments alongside your business processes in the new environment to assess the impact across all areas in your organisation.


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