DELIVER Methodology

DELIVER is the VIP Apps Consulting multi-disciplinary framework for technology implementation, business transformation and migration projects. It provides a blueprint set of tasks with supporting tools, proprietary methodologies, industry-specific templates, and leading practices that increase project visibility, drives efficiency, and lowers the cost of technology solutions implementations.

The VIP Apps Consulting DELIVER framework is comprised of seven phases from Discover through Run combining the standard waterfall with an Iterate agile approach to design/configure & develop/test. We enable teams to deliver working technology solutions faster while maintaining quality and facilitating change. We begin with business process and requirements gathering to define customer needs and future process landscape. The requirements are then mapped to the standard application versus extensions and we establish the traceability used throughout the project lifecycle.

The DELIVER Workstream breakdown sits across the seven phases, enables tracking the overall project progress, and facilitates the communication across the team, as follows

DELIVER Workstream phases

Business transformation and project management are critical to the success of the implementation, production & business readiness.

Why Choose DELIVER?

  • Facilitates project delivery consistency, providing a common framework to technology implementation projects
  • A scalable framework solution that supports all types of innovative technology projects, organisations sizes and industries
  • Provides project teams with direction and recommendations, deliverables, accelerators and documentation.
  • Leverages on VIP Apps Consulting best practices, industry expertise and proprietary AMOBI methodology that accelerates project delivery.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our team has in-depth industry and finance function knowledge.
  • Our holistic approach helps you identify and address challenges. Using our proprietary proven methodologies, we assess the impact of technology innovation on your organisation and support the organisational change throughout the solution implementation.
  • Our approach focuses on innovation, business process optimisation and automation, cost reduction, risk mitigation, and change management.
  • We have a successful collaboration and well-established relations with a dynamic ecosystem of technology partners and solutions.