Tag: FinTech

Tag: FinTech

Blockchain in the Leasing Industry

As we have seen, blockchain and distributed ledger technology offer several key advancements over existing technology – secure ID verification and disintermediated execution of encrypted...

Embracing the Disruptor: Blockchain for FinTech and Financial Services

The previous blog provided an overview of the principles of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, their different forms, benefits and drawbacks and a summary of...

Three strategic areas in the financial services digital transformation path

It is not news the disruption in the financial services industry is pushing banks to develop differentiated strategies to meet the challenges of entrants with...

The Value of Innovation in Business Process Management

In the modern business environment, technology – and the way it is used by an organisation on the levels of both delivery and infrastructure –...

London Technology Week 2015

London has a reputation for being a hotbed of technology-based innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The city and the tech community as a whole celebrated this...

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