System Assessments

Whether you are a new user or have had your system for some time, it is always useful to have your system checked by experts to see if there are improvements that can be made. Quite often, these improvements require a relatively small amount of work yet bring huge improvements in system performance and user satisfaction.

VIP Apps Consulting recognises that a system assessment should not be just a DBA check behind the scenes. We offer a range of services including:

Application / Functional Check

  1. Architecture and Design review. Are you using the correct Oracle technology to meet your business needs?
  2. Would some of the more recent advances in Oracle technology solve some of your current business challenges?
  3. High Availability and Scalability. Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Database 11g are cost-effective solutions to enable maximum availability. Should you be using these?
  4. Performance review. Are your systems set-up to the Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) standards and could performance be improved?
  5. Capacity Planning. Are your systems sized correctly for the events that occur (or are due to occur) and could better planning improve performance?
  6. Operating System Health Check. This can include, for instance, a review of the benefits of Linux and a plan of the work required to migrate your database(s) to Linux;
  7. Database version check. Will your current issues be resolved by upgrading to a later version of the database (or application server, or..)?
  8. Integration. Are your systems integrated to minimise re-keying and maximise management information? Could integration be improved?

Technical Check

  1. Best Practice Review: Is your system configured to make best use of the software for your needs? Would a move to a later version solve a current business issue?
  2. Business Process Review. Are your business processes optimised? Would a change to the Oracle set-up streamline business processes? Are there third-party applications in the market that would deliver dramatic improvements in business processes?
  3. Support Review. Are your current support arrangements helping you to deliver a good service to your users, or could this be improved?
  4. Management Reporting. Are you giving your Management Team the information that they needs to steer the organisation? Could you adopt a more robust MI strategy with better tools and more timely reporting? reporting?

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We'll improve your Value chain, adding Innovation to simplify your business Process
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