Business Process Management (BPM)

In today’s changeable business and competitive economic and market environment, organisations must ensure agility, compliance and transparency across their operations.

VIP Apps Consulting’s experience shows that companies that adopt business process management  (BPM)  can adapt their business process successfully to embrace change and innovation. In a digital age in constant evolution and disruption, BPM offers a way of engaging people and processes to reinvent work to drive better the desired business outcomes and deliver the level of agility to business operation.

Business process management aligns business process with corporate strategy enabling the agility required for transformation initiatives. A discipline that ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, procedures, metrics, management practices and systems, and the IT systems in place, to optimise the organisation’s activities across the business lifecycle.

In the current complex and faster-paced environment, BPM is delivering its benefits, equipping the tools to monitor continuously and adapt strategy to keep up with the demands for innovation while helping to focus on optimisation of  business-as-usual tasks

Our successful project implementation track record with international corporations have equipped our consultant team with the in-depth industry and business acumen to provide an integrated and holistic approach, from the solution design to its execution.  Our process reengineering and robust technical capabilities, supported by our unique AMOBI methodology, ensures that key business processes are managed with the required rigour as other critical business assets.

Our offering includes:

  • process architecture design
  • process optimisation and automation
  • process performance monitor 
  •  process governance

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