Daypesh Patel

The Value of Innovation in Business Process Management

In the modern business environment, technology – and the way it is used by an organisation on the levels of both delivery and infrastructure – can mean the difference between success and failure. The continuing and rapid advances in technology, such as widespread access to high speed broadband, the popularity of cloud based technologies, and mobile applications are having a profound impact upon business globally. With constant advances in technology, and changes in mind-set and expectations of businesses and the general public in how it can be used, companies are under pressure to be constantly evolving their technological infrastructure to maximise efficiency and service. This means that companies embarking on Business Process Management (BPM) projects need to find innovative approaches and solutions. BPM refers to the set of concepts, methods, and tools surrounding the definition, implementation, improvement, and structuring of processes within a business. The implementation of a successful IT BPM project can have a profound impact on the operations and profitability of an organisation. The value of innovation in BPM can be illustrated through a famous quotation, attributed to the naturalist Charles Darwin:
“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”
This quotation from Darwin can be directly applied to many different business sectors that are undergoing rapid change driven by the implementation of technology. A good example of an industry where this is a factor is Financial Technology (FinTech). The FinTech sector is undergoing rapid change fuelled by business and consumer demand. The disruption of this marketplace and the adoption of new technologies means that effective BPM is required to ensure compliance and efficiency during ongoing periods of change. The value of innovation in Business Process Management is that new ideas and approaches can help businesses to deliver change in the most effective and efficient way. Find out how VIP Apps Consulting is bringing innovation to BPM

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