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Elevating Tradition – Our Journey as FLA Annual Dinner Sponsors

We are thrilled to announce that this year, we are taking our sponsorship to new heights as the proud sponsors of the new FLA Annual Dinner DIGITAL brochure and guest list. For 8 years, we have been proud sponsors of the booklet, an integral part of the FLA Annual Dinner tradition, providing guests with an immersive experience and a comprehensive guide to the evening. As the FLA embraces the digital era, we are excited to continue our sponsorship, supporting innovation and ensuring the FLA Annual Dinner remains a memorable occasion for all attendees.

Transition to Digital

In a transformative move, fully aligned with VIP Apps’ digital transformation ethos, the FLA has decided to transition from the traditional printed booklet to a digital brochure and online guest list for this year’s Annual Dinner. This shift allows for greater flexibility and accessibility, providing guests with real-time updates and interactive features. The digital brochure will continue to include essential information about the evening, such as details of table hosts, table numbers, and a seating plan, enabling attendees to easily identify their tables ahead of the event.

A picture of all the booklets since 2016

Enhanced Guest Experience

We encourage all attendees to save the brochure link to their mobile phones for easy access during the evening. A full online guest list will be emailed to guests on 19 February, adding an extra layer of convenience. On the night of the dinner, QR codes will be strategically placed on the tables and around the venue at every place setting, enhancing the overall guest experience and facilitating seamless navigation.

FLA Dinner Event Details

The FLA Annual Dinner is scheduled for 20 February 2024, and the prestigious JW Marriott Grosvenor House London continues to set the stage for this grand occasion. The evening will kick off with a Drinks Reception at 6:30 pm, followed by the dinner.  Stephen Haddrill, the Director General of FLA, will deliver the Welcome Address, setting the tone for an evening of celebration.

This year, the FLA Annual Dinner proudly supports Depaul UK again, a charitable organisation dedicated to tackling homelessness. Guests can contribute to this noble cause by donating online or making cash or contactless payments on the night.

The event will feature distinguished speakers, with Andrew Neil as the Principal Guest Speaker and Clare Balding, CBE, as the After-Dinner Speaker.

An exciting highlight of the Annual Dinner will be the announcement of the winners of the FLA’s latest ESG Awards. Now in its second year, the Awards were introduced to spotlight the depth and breadth of commitment FLA members show to the environment, society, and governance.

As the FLA Annual Dinner brochure sponsors, we are excited to be part of this prestigious event’s evolution. We look forward to a night filled with celebration, and we invite all attendees to embrace the digital experience for an unforgettable evening at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London. Save the link, and let’s make the 2024 FLA Annual Dinner a truly memorable experience together!

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