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The Importance of Digital Culture

Successful implementation of Business Process Management (BPM) through technology is more than just putting new infrastructure, software and processes in place.

The digital economy accounted for 22% of the world’s economy last year and the figure is growing rapidly. Organisations are increasingly unable to ignore the impacts of the digital transformation that is taking place and the changes in business processes it fuels.

At VIP Apps Consulting, we are experts in helping organisations plan, design and manage new digital process flows and have witnessed first-hand the importance of managing the digital culture within an organisation.

As companies implement BPM within their organisation to adapt to this transformation, it is important that employees and customers are culturally led by the organisation.

Cloud, background, network.

This includes leadership on how to manage and analyse data, overcome the disruption of new processes and system and manage the change in how the organisation works and how products and services are offered.

There is also a need to address how to maintain trust during a time of great change, ensuring that offerings are secure, ethical and respectful of privacy.

Companies must manage the implementation and the culture of technology and innovation within the organisation and to its customers to ensure a successful digital culture.

This culture will be categorised by allowing organisations to understand the importance of digital and the requirement to continuously adapt to changes in technology and the needs of consumers.

An interesting perspective from Pat Burke within CIO Insight outlined the importance of managing this disruption.

“In order to allow consumers, workers and ecosystem partners to accomplish more with technology, business and IT leaders will have to create a culture that sees technology as the way to enable people to constantly adapt and learn, continually create new solutions, drive relentless change and disrupt the status quo. In an age where the focus is locked on technology, true leaders will put people first”

VIP Apps Consulting has extensive experience within the financial services industry with the knowledge capabilities and operational track, to help organisations implement the process changes, optimisation and innovation to realise the financial  value in a customer driven market.

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