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Join Us to Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts

During this unprecedented time our VIP Apps Consulting global team is thinking about the broader impact of the COVID-19. Tonight, is The Big Night In to celebrate the people who are making a difference and help support those affected during these extraordinary times. 

The VIP Apps Consulting team has decided to join this event by doing our own ‘7 Minute Rainbow Workout’ challenge in aid of Children in Need and Comic Relief.

While in lockdown, we have dressed brightly to do one of Davina Mccall’s 7 Minute Workout and then donated £7 (or more) to our JustGiving page raising money for this great cause. Then, we posted our pictures and videos and challenged at least 7 other families and friends to join us in this fun activity. 

Join Us to Support The Big Night In 

While this effort is a good start, we believe that through collective effort we can not only help reduce the spread of COVID-19 but also help those who are significantly impacted. We encourage you to join us in supporting our communities at this critical time. 

VIP Apps Consulting will be matching all of the donations we get:

The money raised for Comic Relief and Children in Need will go on to support local charities and projects in the UK, so they can continue to provide vital emergency support. There will be more demand than ever for help from local charities. This includes making sure people are safe from harm, mentally healthy and with access to food, warmth and shelter; as well as helping people stay connected, active and positive through these extraordinary times. 

Stay safe!