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Larry Ellison’s Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Keynote Speech – The Importance of Cloud Security

The increasing value and implementation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions via the cloud has created a number of challenges for organisations in the last decade particularly relating to cloud security. VIP Apps Consulting provide Oracle consultancy services across a number of industries where data is highly valuable, from both a financial and personal perspective. This means that data security is an incredibly important part of the business process management discipline. This is something that Oracle CTO Larry Ellison acknowledged during his keynote speech at the Oracle Openworld 2015 conference. “The biggest concern we have an industry and for our consumers is security”

Security Should be “At The Bottom of The Stack”

With complex application infrastructures within many businesses the closer to the “bottom of the stack” that infrastructures are built on security is focussed then the more secure the system will be. This should be at the database or even better at the silicon chip level as this is the part of the structure that cannot be hacked.

Security Should Always Be On

When operating in the cloud, the security features of the system should always be turned on. This is because security is so important to the integrity of the system that it should not be possible to turn it off and make the system vulnerable.

The Ability To Change Data Is More Dangerous Than Data Theft

The theft of data can be catastrophic for any business but the ability to change data in a system creates greater threats that are harder to reverse. Ellison used the example of being able to change the balances of bank accounts and the effect that could have on the economy to highlight the seriousness of data changes.

Oracle Is Committed To Having Best Security Feature Set

Ellison announced that Oracle is moving its security features out of the software and into it’s silicon. This is inbuilt into the new Oracle M7 Microprocessor and is a feature designed to be always on. In fact this security cannot be turned off. These chips stop programs from accessing the memory of other applications and represent a huge move forward in cloud based security. As an Oracle partner it is encouraging to see the dedication to security Oracle possess and we will continue to support our clients find the most efficient and secure solutions for their business processes.

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