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Oracle Drives Business Modernisation & Faster Business Analytics

As a business process consultancy and an Oracle Gold Partner, VIP Apps Consulting has a track record of using Oracle platforms to improve the business processes, management, and reporting within companies.

It therefore came as no surprise to read what an Oracle implementation had achieved for a large corporate customer using the platform. This was highlighted in the latest case study that Oracle have published on their website and showcases how Oracle drives business modernisation and faster business analytics.

We have recently highlighted similar experiences in our blogs on the NHS and automating debt collection using the cloud: we understand the power that the right implementation can give to businesses across their operations and management processes.

On this occasion we wanted to highlight an Oracle case study from the provider, as it showcases a number of important benefits to a successful implementation.

Oracle Business Modernisation & Faster Business Analytics Case Study

The case study that Oracle used focuses on a Swiss insurance company that services more than 1.7m people. The company had a history of mergers and acquisitions creating an unwieldy IT infrastructure across many different vendors.

By upgrading and modernising this infrastructure using Oracle, the management of the company were able to simplify processes and improve the reporting functions, allowing Swiss Mobiliar to track its progress towards business growth goals.

Maria Colgan – a master product manager at Oracle – summarised the benefits of this modernisation.

“As organizations such as Swiss Mobiliar evolve and grow, they are faced with the challenge of determining how to progress from their older legacy technologies.

With Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database In-Memory, Swiss Mobiliar was able to start that crucial transition to consolidate its multiple databases and create a much more streamlined architecture than they had with the previous model.

This in turn delivered the multiple benefits of enhanced application performance, faster daily operations, and the ability for Swiss Mobiliar to track towards its business growth goals.”

You can read the full case study here –

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