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The Importance Of An Oracle Health Check

With the business landscape moving so fast it is important to consistently review performance of systems to ensure they are working efficiently and delivering expected outcomes.

Technology is evolving rapidly with cloud-based technology fundamentally changing the way in which companies operate. Oracle is constantly innovating and updating its product sets to reflect the evolution of the market. We are seeing the transition of software infrastructures, platforms and software which is creating opportunities.

This is why we recommend that businesses operating using an Oracle system should regularly perform an Oracle application health check

What Is an Oracle Application Health Check?

An Oracle application health check from VIP Apps is a comprehensive review of your application from a functional and business perspective. This looks at the design, deployment and usage of your system from the following angles.

Best Practice Review

Looking at the configuration of your current Oracle application and is designed to check the system is set up to make the best use of the solution you are currently using.

Architecture & Design Review

This step of the process involves looking at your current business needs and if you are using the right Oracle technology.

Developments are happening rapidly, so we analyse if there are any technologies that can be implemented that will solve your business challenges. This can include ensuring high availability and scalability for the solution, whether an optimal operating system is being used and whether the Oracle database version is up to date.

Then there are the integrations with other systems; we will analyse if you have the right set up to maximise management information or find ways to improve on the existing set up. This will include s  review of the performance of the system to ensure things are set up to the Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) standards.

Business Process Review 

BPM allows organisations to analyse and improve the way things are run. . This will look at processes across the organisation with a view to automate and streamline wherever possible to reduce required inputs.

It is possible that the right changes to the Oracle set up could streamline business processes reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It will also look at whether any third party applications could also deliver improvements to business processes.

Capacity Planning

Part of the design review is that the system is sized correctly for the system events that occur or could occur. Ensuring your business has the right IT capacity is vital for business continuity and delivering a consistent and efficient infrastructure.

Performance Review

The final part of an Oracle Health check is a review of the performance of the system. This should be designed to ensure things are set up to the Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) standards.

Support Review

The technical Oracle review also looks at the current support arrangements that a business has in place for its Oracle users. Improvements can ensure that the time between raising an issue and its resolution is reduced.

This minimises the impact of any system issues and increases internal customer satisfaction.

Management Reporting

Giving management access to the right information is vital to ensuring the management team are able to make effective decisions.

Therefore, it is important to review the management reporting implementation within an organisation and ensure a robust management information strategy is in place.

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