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Oracle OpenWorld 2015 – The Transition to the Cloud

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 conference took place between October 25-29 in San Francisco with the Moscone Center serving as its epicenter. As an established Oracle Gold Partner and provider of Oracle consultancy services we followed the conference closely to ensure our consultants remain at the forefront of their field. There were a number of important themes that are going to impact upon Oracle providers and consumers in the coming months and years.
The Growth Of The Cloud
One of the major themes was the transition to the cloud and the impact this will have on the marketplace. By 2025, 95% of IT spending will have shifted from on premises to the cloud, this transition to the cloud was described by Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CTO as a change of a generation, affecting the way that companies do business in as significant a way as the personal computer did in previous generations.
Transition To The Cloud – The Competitive Landscape Is Changing
This is already having seismic impact on the service offerings and competitive landscape of the Enterprise Resource Planning, IT infrastructure and application industries. The competitive environment for IT applications, platforms and infrastructures is being shaped by the transition to the cloud. Traditional providers are at risk of becoming obsolete if they do not adapt to the transition to the cloud. Oracle has evolved to provide solutions at every level of cloud, providing a holistic solution for businesses.
Transition To The Cloud Security
With the transition to the cloud, responding to the security concerns this raises was a key element to Larry Ellison’s keynote speech. With high profile security breaches in the last few years consumers and businesses are increasingly concerned with keeping their data secure. Ellison went as far to say that
“The biggest concern we have an industry and for our consumers is security”
During the talk Ellison focussed on security and announced some big changes to the way that Oracle provides secure solutions to its clients. Our team of consultants bring a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge implementing Oracle Cloud Services within the current enterprise, see more

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