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Three Areas Covered By Larry Ellison During His First Oracle Openworld 2016 Keynote

Last week Oracle held its annual update convention in San Francisco.

The opening keynote was delivered by CTO Larry Ellison covered a wide range of topics, product developments and the competitive cloud landscape.

Including the strategic direction that Oracle are driving their cloud based technology solutions and the competitive shifts and challenges ahead within the industry. Here are just three of the areas that Ellison covered in his first keynote of the conference.

IT Is Moving To The Cloud But There Is A Transitional Period

This talk started by continuing to emphasise that IT is undergoing a ‘generational change’ from on premise provisions with lots and lots of servers to a smaller number of super servers known as clouds”.

This has been a ten-year project within Oracle and the announcements during his talk were focused on the development of Oracle Cloud. 

Ellison highlighted that this transition to the cloud is expected within an organisation is expected to be gradual and even when implemented within an organisation that there would be a period of co-existence between traditional on premise solutions and new cloud solutions.

Changing Industry Competitors

Oracle confirmed during this keynote that it is the largest cloud provider of SaaS and PaaS solutions within the industry, and that infrastructure solutions are going to be aggressively marketed as part of Oracle’s development strategy.

Oracle Open World

Ellison highlighted that its main competitors are changing with Amazon and Workaday are two main competitors in IaaS and SaaS respectively, rather than traditional on premise rivals such as IBM or SAP.

A particular focus was Amazon Web Services and how Oracle differentiates and offers more flexibility and development options.

The Power Of Chat Bots To Streamline Processes

One of the services that Ellison showcased were chatbots utilising the integrated Oracle Cloud to streamline processes and reduce costs.

This will be facilitated by Oracle’s new ChatBot development platform that allows organisations to set up chatbots that can process simple requests.

chatbotThis automated chat functionality can be used to update information directly within the database and trigger processes such as ordering new stock (business cards in Ellison’s demonstration) to updating HR information.

This is a powerful development as it can allow minor administration tasks that may have previously needed to pass through an administrator to be done by employees and managers.

These are just a few of the areas discussed during his 80-minute talk and we highly recommend you visit the Oracle website and watch

As an Oracle partner we continue to monitor and implement the best solutions for our clients based on the changes in the product and the overall marketplace.  We will continue to support our clients to get the most out of their Oracle applications . To find out more on how we can support your organisation to implement or migrate all or part of your existing Oracle Applications portfolio to the Cloud, visit our Oracle Consulting Services page.

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