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TopTeam Solution Enhances Testing Phase in Lease Accounting Implementation Project

A global medical technology company selected VIP Apps Consulting to lead an end-to-end lease accounting system compliance project and the integration with the existing Oracle ERP system.

For the testing phases, VIP Apps Consulting teamed with TechnoSolutions and their TopTeam solution to:

enhance the ability to log and track functional requirements, and

-provide professional-quality reporting of the test phase progress; requirements test coverage, defect management and overall results.

An Agile Solution for Requirements Definition and Management

The VIP Apps Consulting team configured a ‘blueprint’ project template structure in TopTeam which allows us to adopt and apply a standardised set of objectives and milestones quickly.  This template was used for the new project, and project requirements from source project documents were uploaded easily. The workshops, where the requirements were defined, were also stored in the TopTeam notes folder, allowing all users the benefit of the ability to access a single source for requirement details without needing to access multiple versions of offline project documents.

Test management definition was broken into setups for the Configurations, which on this project were the individual test scenarios, and these were uploaded easily using the Wizard to provide the basis for the Test Cases.  Test cases defined the functional tests broken into logical steps the test team could easily follow, and each of the cases referenced the source requirement to provide easy traceability reporting. Using the test configurations and test cases allowed quick setup of Test Sets which defined each ‘test run’, which can usually be a time-consuming manual exercise, but TopTeam enabled these to be created easily.  The process of then running the tests was then easy for both the testers to follow as a simple ‘run’ and also record actual results, including adding attachments for test file outputs, screenshots, plus fast, intuitive functionality for logging of defects where required.

Benefits Delivered

TopTeam has many useful in-built reports available which are easily customised to suit the specific projects’ needs, easy to adapt both the screen layouts and reports for inclusion/exclusion of fields which were important for this project.  Test report outputs were able to be quickly generated for test progress updates which were circulated before each update meeting.  The report outputs were of a professional-looking standard and did not require any further formatting or manual tailoring, another useful time-saver.  These reports were passed to the client who commented they were very impressed with the quality of the format and detail provided and as such they could store these as part their project compliance repository.

Overall, TopTeam enhanced the ability to quickly set up and apply VIP Apps Consulting standardised DELIVER methodology to the project delivery. Easily provide the client with all of our project deliverables, internally track and manage our tasks, and it also assisted the client test team who were not familiar with the application, which also saved time and improved testing consistency and quality. 

About VIP Apps Consulting

VIP Apps Consulting is a business process management, and IT services consultancy specialised in the Finance and Leasing industry. Operating in the intersection of technology and business, combining deep business and industry insight with the understanding of how technology and innovation impact the industry and business models. Services include the development and implementation of unique solutions to enable organisations address their challenges and become high-performance businesses, creating value through innovation and process optimisation.

About TechnoSolutions

TechnoSolutions Corporation was founded in 1995 with the objective of developing innovative tools for the software life cycle.

Since the launch of SQL Navigator in 1996, we have had a rich heritage of providing state-of-the-art productivity enhancing tools that are easy to deploy and use. Our key to success has been the ability to apply new techniques to solve age old problems. This approach to invention coupled with our deep experience and knowledge of the software development life cycle helps us develop products that are unique and unparalleled.

TopTeam Analyst

The only End-to-End solution for Requirements Definition and Requirements Management with integrated Agile process

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