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Supporting the Transition to the Oracle Cloud

As an Oracle Partner, an important part of the consultancy services that we offer is supporting and advising our clients on how to take full advantage of the changes in  the platform

Larry Ellison the CTO of Oracle outlined at Oracle OpenWorld that one of the key trends of the next decade will be the move from on site solutions to the cloud.

It is forecast that by 2025, 95% of IT spending will have shifted from on premises to the cloud.

The competitive environment for IT applications, platforms and infrastructures is being shaped by this transition. Traditional providers are at risk of becoming obsolete if they do not adapt.

At the start of 2016 we have seen Oracle continue to invest in this vision. There have been recent investments in the UK and regional hubs such as the Middle East, which will  increase Oracle cloud capacity and allow data to stored in locations that suit the local business environment.

Oracle Cloud Challenges

Oracle Cloud TransitionThe question facing organisations is how the cloud will be integrated into their existing infrastructure and when to make the switch.

This switch to the Oracle cloud for most organisations is not going to be overnight. Instead, we are likely to see large organisations make a gradual transition, dependent on a number of different factors.

These will range from the existing infrastructure in place to the forecast support and deployment requirements for the future.

Therefore, it is important for organisations to effectively manage and evaluate their Oracle deployment and manage their services in relation to the cloud in line with their objectives.

The transition to the cloud is a key Oracle trend moving forwards and we see our role in supporting the decisions around the best way to manage and implement it as key to helping our clients maximise their Oracle investment.

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