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Methodology For Upgrading Legacy Systems In The Leasing Industry

Upgrading legacy systems within the leasing and finance sectors represents a challenge for CFOs and IT directors to define and implement cost effective and process efficient solutions across the organisation. The technology-driven opportunities and challenges within this sector are continuously evolving and without expert analysis, it can be difficult for a CFO and IT Director to define the most effective pathway forward.

The Challenges of Upgrading Legacy Systems In The Leasing Industry

upgrading legacy systems leasingIn order to upgrade the legacy systems effectively, the current system needs to have been assessed to identify areas for improvement. At VIP Apps Consulting we work with finance and leasing companies to design and implement these changes within organisations and understand the challenges that need to be overcome to implement them effectively. We use our AMOBI methodology as a framework to assess the current system and evaluate potential options for the new system and additional functionality.  A holistic approach allows a comparison of the different processes and what will be required to implement the new solution.

The Benefits Of The VIP Apps Consulting Approach.

This approach allows CFOs and IT managers to make an objective and informed decisions on the system and delivery options that meet the organisation’s current needs and future growth plans. The clearer understanding that the organisation has of the upgrade and how it relates to the existing infrastructure, the better positioned they will be to implement the system. This knowledge is vital in managing the implementation to minimise business disruption and mitigate any associated risks. Find out more If you would like to know more about the processes behind upgrading legacy systems in the leasing industry then we recommend you see our real life case study from a Global Information Technology Provider we have worked with recently. Click here to access the case study

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