Oracle IWMS

Oracle Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) describes the evolving market for enterprise solutions that support the management of facilities, real estate, physical assets, and the associated services in support of workplace management.

Why is Real Estate Management Important?

In todays world the need to work all your assets harder has never been more important and that includes the real estate which can account for over 20% of a company’s cost. This has seen further demands on Facility Managers to ensure they provide flexible workspace for employees and that do this sustainably and with a reduced carbon footprint.

Oracle Integrated Workplace Management Systems delivers the most comprehensive suite of operational applications to manage the complete real estate lifecycle. It brings together in a single system the diverse array of functions necessary to keep real estate locations, assets and personnel operating at peak levels.

The key products included in the solution are:

Oracle Property Manager,  whether a lessee or a lessor the solution allows you effectively control your leases and utilise space. It is part of the Oracle E-Business suite and integrates with Oracle Projects, Oracle Enterprise Asset Management, Oracle Service and Oracle Financials

Oracle Projects will allow you to manage new and running projects from design through to execution, giving you tools to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. This again is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite so integrates with Oracle Financials, Oracle Human Resources Management and Oracle Advanced Procurement

Oracle’s Primavera Project Portfolio Management Solutions:  provides users with flexible role based Web interfaces to allow use to manage projects while on the go via laptop, tablet, smart phone or email

Oracle Site Hub is a Master Data Management (MDM) solution for controlling site data throughout its life from opening, operating and maintaining through to closing. Along with this Oracle Site Hub allows you to control data from disparate systems and centralises this data

Oracle Universal Content Management provides a centralised repository for all documentation which is fully integrated to Oracle E-Business Suite and Business processes. Access isn’t limited to Laptops/PC with mobile interfaces available from Smart Phones and Tablets

Oracle Crystal Ball is a spreadsheet-based application for predictive modelling, forecasting, simulation and optimisation allowing you to improve the quality of business decisions

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite (OBIEE) is the main reporting tool provided by Oracle, it allows you to develop enterprise based reports down to allowing users to create new reports or modify exists reports. The dashboards allow users to start business process directly from the application

Oracle Asset Tracking allows you to give users access to tracking information and perform deployment transactions without the need to share details on the process related to assets and purchasing. The solution integrates with and stores information collected from Oracle Inventory, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Projects, Oracle Assets, Oracle Payables, and Oracle Enterprise Asset Management. It uses Oracle Install base as its data repository

Oracle Advanced Procurement is a maintenance solution which provides visual interface for space planning and allocation, service request processing, building system maintenance and asset tracking which is already fully integrated with Oracle e-Business Suite. With its enterprise perspective it allows you to successfully promote Environmental and Health and Safety policies and provides better controls on contracted maintenance.

The key advantage to using the Oracle IWMS solution is that you are using a product that already integrates with Oracle E-Business suite if you have it or can be implemented stand alone. Oracle solutions are all multi Language/Currency and country specific localisation already exist for most issues faced for Global enterprises.

    1. Fully integrated solution providing a centralised control for facilities and property management
    2. Built on Oracle eBusiness Suite so will already cope with Multiple Languages and currency
    3. Mobile access for uses to interact the processes and access information
    4. Reporting and analysis tools part of the solution
    5. A single repository for all property/site Information

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