Oracle BI Applications are part of the Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite. Oracle also provides “BI Applications” using the OBIEE Architecture that comprises of a Pre-Packaged Repository, Pre-Packaged set of Reports for a particular ERP, Business Analytics Warehouse, Informatica ETL and a DAC ETL Orchestration Server.

The BI Applications is a high-end BI Solution that will get users up and ready very quickly by avoiding custom-building a solution with just a OBIEE Server. Data that originates from the Oracle Applications resides in a relational Oracle Database. Using the ETL tool, this data is used to populate the Data Warehouse. OBIEE then can use the Dashboards, Answers, etc. to run queries on this data.

OBI Apps (Fins, HR, Procurement.) reside on top of the OBIEE / OBIEE Plus layer which contain all the pre-built dashboards and content.

Business Challenges and Pain Points

  1. Disparate information systems make aggregated view difficult
  2. Extremely tedious, manual work to bring financial data together since it is spread across ledgers and several other data sources
  3. Inability to understand the cost and revenue drivers
  4. Lack of single version of truth. Which version is the right one?
  5. No adequate controls on financial reporting process since many companies still use Excel worksheets for critical areas in financial reporting
  6. No early warning systems to detect business deviations

Business Intelligence-Empowering Business

Improved insight leads to more informed decision-making. Measure it, then manage it with business intelligence consulting from VIP.

With a leading Business Intelligence solution you’ll know what to do with that information, who to give it to, when and where. Through Business Intelligence you’re able to use that information to report, analyse and model your business around future goals.

Driving business forward – A better understanding of strategy and objectives.

What’s driving your business. Product leadership, operational excellence or customer intimacy. Or all three.

Placing all your emphasis on one aspect and neglecting the other two can damage your business. But understanding where to place the most emphasis takes insight, and knowledge of the importance of value disciplines.

  1. Define to refine
  2. Strive for operational excellence
  3. Stand out with product leadership
  4. Engage better through customer intimacy
  5. Minimise risk and maximise compliance

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