Oracle Cloud

IT leaders are currently experiencing unprecedented pressure for innovation driven by unparalleled levels of technology and market disruption, and growing expectation in the digital transformation journey in every industry.

While, just a few years ago, cloud and mobile were the main disruptors, today IT leaders must deal with innovative technologies like robotics process automation (RPA), blockchain, artificial intelligence and much more. The innovation pace hastens, and organisations are expected to implement the latest technologies smoothly and securely.

Oracle Cloud Services Overview

Operating at the intersection of technology and business, VIP Apps Consulting delivers end-to-end finance transformation strategies.

Bridging the gap between the Oracle cloud application and your organisation, guiding you through the change process required for transition to the cloud. Optimising and building robust business processes to ensure your organisation is well-positioned to embrace new solutions in your digital transformation journey and navigate the ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment

Our Approach to Oracle Cloud Implementation

Building on VIP Apps Consulting’s extensive experience in business process improvement and Oracle technology solutions, our holistic approach to cloud looks to optimise the core and bring business innovation. Central to this strategy is the cloud that enables a predictable IT through increased efficiency, flexibility and cost reductions and building a dynamic system that allows faster innovation and time to market.

The cloud is a robust solution that enables a digital workplace when part of a well-planned holistic strategy. Many applications and processes are interrelated and dependent on each other, but their integration it is not automatic when moved to the cloud, especially with an existing legacy system environment.

Part of the strategy requires a system assessment to diagnose and address concerns on IT inefficiencies that may be limiting business performance and market development, and that will help determine the best cloud solution for your organisation taking into consideration your current legacy applications, security and compliance.

VIP Apps Consulting Holistic Application Roadmap to Cloud
holistic application roadmap to Oracle Cloud
Our Proprietary Methodology – AMOBI

Focusing on the holistic business, our AMOBI Assess phase helps to target the key high pain points that are restricting the value of your technology investment.
Using event based flow mapping, and benchmarking any changes against real business transactions and behaviours, we help our clients to optimise the way their business engages with the technology, increasing productivity and enabling them to meet key internal or customer KPIs.

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