VIP Apps Consulting

Streamlining Syndication: A Partnership Success Story

In a remarkable collaboration, VIP Apps Consulting has elevated the syndication and investor management processes for a leading Japanese imaging and electronics equipment manufacturer’s US finance subsidiary. By integrating Oracle solutions, they tackled significant administrative challenges associated with managing syndicated equipment leases.

The ‘DELIVER‘ methodology by VIP Apps Consulting played a pivotal role. It began with a detailed review of the client’s processes, optimising them with Oracle’s platform. The transformative strategy not only aligned external investor processes with the client’s leasing operations but also converted data to ensure a seamless and more efficient workflow.

With a focus on automation and addressing functionality gaps, the subsequent phases of the project yielded a comprehensive solution. This innovation brought about enhanced operational efficiency, partner and customer satisfaction, and informed decision-making.

The synergistic effort led to a system that is now efficient, automated, and supportive of dynamic leasing operations and reconciliation processes. The ‘Go Live’ phase was met with robust Early Life Support, ensuring the client’s transition to the new system was smooth and beneficial.

For more details on this synergy of expertise and technology, and how it transformed the client’s business processes, read the full press release here.

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