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Three Things Every CFO Should Know About Their Oracle Application

The rapid pace of digital transformation and the implications of decisions around upgrades and cloud migration in line with cost and operation efficiencies mean that the role of the CFO in the implementation and management of core IT solutions is vital in large organisations. This is particularly true when looking at the Oracle platform.

Oracle & The CFO

Managing and implementing an Oracle solution is a major infrastructure commitment for any organisation from an operational and cost perspective. Whether your organisation is a new Oracle user or has had been operating using one for some time, there are a number of different things that a CFO should know about their application to ensure that the organisation is getting maximum ROI. CFO Oracle

The Oracle Platform Is Continuously Evolving

There is currently a large level of innovation and disruption taking place across business processes. This disruption is affecting businesses large and small and changing the way we use technology to do business. Oracle is at the forefront of this innovation, which makes it necessary to be continuously reviewing your application to ensure it is optimised to take advantage of industry innovation.

Minor Tweaks Can Have A Huge Impact

Someone reviewing  and running a system health check  on your application, with the right expertise, will be able to review it in full and how it is performing across a number of different technical, functional and user based criteria. With the right expertise, the right configuration of business processes can have huge benefits for the organisation. Due to the finesse of the Oracle platform this can mean that a relatively small amount of work to enhance system performance and user satisfaction can have large benefits.

The Power Of Regular Reviews 

The evolution of the Oracle platform and the impact that getting this right can have on an organisation make it prudent to have regular reviews of your Oracle investment. This can range from a review of whether your system is adherent to best practice, whether business processes can be optimised or whether your users can be better supported. It can also include the optimisation of reporting to ensure that the right information is reaching the right people within the organisation. To find out more about how VIP Apps Consulting can help you maximise the value of your Oracle Application click here

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