Oracle Lease Finance Management (OLFM)

Oracle Lease and Finance Management (OLFM) solution for the equipment finance industry is more than just providing a lease/loan back office system. Oracle is unique in its ability to provide a complete business platform that includes packaged solutions for lease/loan back office, ERP, and CRM functions as well as technology solutions for providing content/document management, business intelligence, and business process management. Oracle Lease and Finance Management (OLFM) provides end-to-end automation and a foundation for growth of your lease and loan portfolio.

It is built on a single source of truth architecture that enables equipment financing companies to share common information, make smart decisions and seek solutions to meet the business pressures to drive portfolio growth through improved customer satisfaction and retention that generates repeat business and up-grade opportunities. Integrate with existing systems thorough the use of open technology standards.

Designed for asset-based finance companies, Oracle Lease and Finance Management is a comprehensive application that leverages the power of the Oracle E-Business Suite to help equipment financiers increase revenues through using IT as a strategic differentiator, enabling them to implement and accomplish strategies to:

Key Benefits

  • Expand business in existing and new markets
  • Focus on business relationships with customers, vendors and investors
  • Manage risk-based returns
  • Improve asset management capabilities

Key Features

  • Author contracts efficiently reduces errors at activation.
  • Manage multiple assets within a single contract and manage transactions at the asset-level for better control of your operations.
  • Configure rules-based restructuring and termination to minimise manual calculations and process intervention while enforcing standards.
  • Integrate lease systems with general ledger accounting to generate journal entries and accounting automatically.
  • Configure financial products to offer your customers a wide range of lease and loan options.
  • Capture data in one location to view all business partner information from a single record.

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